Municipal Services


Our Approach

Ageing infrastructure is a growing challenge in North America and as infrastructure ages its integrity is in jeopardy.

We provide the durable solutions necessary to effectively and safely extend the useful life of municipal assets.

Benefits of tcs


Less Downtime

TCS understands the crucial nature of improving municipal operations as quickly as possible and we aim to minimize the disruptive impact of necessary repairs.

Asset life extension

To reduce disruption and expensive replacement costs we focus on designing solutions that extend the longevity of municipal assets.

Customized solutions

We create custom, long-term solutions for municipalities that work within your budget and your specific needs.

Common applications


Water/wastewater treatment facilities

Community facilities

Concrete restoration/protection solutions



Water works components

Flooring systems

On-site asset refurbishment/protection

Fire hydrants


Rigorous quality standards. We’ve got you covered.

Case Study

TCS helped reduce annual maintenance expenditures by over 60%.

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Products & Services

A full line of industry-leading coating solutions proven to enhance corrosion, erosion and cavitation resistance for a wide range of industrial applications.

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