Oil & Gas


Our Approach

The oil and gas industry is a tough market that presents an array of regulatory and environmental challenges.

TCS offers reliable, efficient technologies and services for extracting, transporting and processing raw materials.

Benefits of tcs


Less Downtime

We focus on innovative, resilient solutions that return you to full-service capabilities quickly and efficiently.

Asset integrity

The long life of a coating system and effective protection of assets is essential. TCS mitigates the costly wear of chemicals, corrosion, erosion and cavitation.

Customized solutions

We address specific oil and gas industry needs by employing custom solutions and long-term support for superior performance in extreme conditions.

Common applications


Tank linings

Innovative thermal retention solutions

Pipeline Coating Systems

Pump restoration/protection

Dynamic Thermal solutions

Primary/Secondary containment systems

NACE Inspection

Industry leading wear control systems

Pipeline sleeves & coatings

Upstream/ midstream/downstream

Piping - pipeline integrity

BOP integrity

Spray over geotextile liners

NDT testing/inspection

Rigorous quality standards. We’ve got you covered.

Case Study

TCS helped reduce annual maintenance expenditures by over 60%.

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Products & Services

A full line of industry-leading coating solutions proven to enhance corrosion, erosion and cavitation resistance for a wide range of industrial applications.

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