Power Generation


Our Approach

We’re committed to excellence in the realm of power generation and turbine life extension.

TCS offers the leadership and technical experience needed to keep your plant running at maximum efficiency. Avoid major expenses and increase longevity with our innovative products and solution-based customer support.

Benefits of tcs


Less Downtime

We focus on innovative, solutions that return you to full-service capabilities quickly and efficiently.

Plant Life Extension

When your plant and equipment take a beating, you can avoid expensive replacement and refurbishing costs by applying our specialized coatings systems.

Customized solutions

We address specific service needs with custom solutions that employ multiple technologies across many diverse industries.

Common applications


Turbine life extension

Custom hard facing

Composite erosion systems

Dynamic Thermal solutions

Coal-fired power plants

Insitu/on-site coatings & machining

Turbine component rehabilitation

New component fabrication

Reengineering poorly performing components

Hydro, Steam & Wind turbines

Proven cavitation mitigation

Rigorous quality standards. We’ve got you covered.

Case Study

TCS helped reduce annual maintenance expenditures by over 60%.

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Products & Services

A full line of industry-leading coating solutions proven to enhance corrosion, erosion and cavitation resistance for a wide range of industrial applications.

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